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Life can bring big surprises, and unfortunately, some of these surprises are quite frightening. Whether a fire, earthquake, or some other emergency occurs while you're at home, you can keep your family members, your pets, and your possessions safe by taking the following precautions:

A remodel can be a tumultuous time -- and that can lead to potential safety concerns. As contractors move in and out of your home and your home remains vacant day after day, it can become an attractive target for criminals. Here are a few things that you may want to take into consideration to safeguard your home and your family.…

Electrical hazards around the home can cause serious injury and damage. Electrical shorts and overloads can lead to electrical fires. Some electrical problems are caused by simple issues that are overlooked. The U.S. Fire Administration has reported that electrical problems are responsible for 26,000 residential fires each year, causing hundreds of deaths as well as thousands of injuries and damage…

Cleaning and organization are top New Year's resolutions, and with good reason; it's hard to feel completely at ease in a cluttered home. Not only does clutter destroy mental clarity, it actually can pose a safety risk, as burglars are far more likely to target homes in which personal documents and other possessions are scattered about. Thieves assume that missing items won't be noticed in a messy home, so a neat environment poses a far greater risk for ne'er-do-wells intent on breaking in. The act of getting organized can be stressful in and of itself, so it's easy to see why so many people dread spring cleaning. With Maria Kondo's help, however, spring cleaning can be changed from a burden to a joyful endeavor. Her KonMari method has transformed millions of lives -- and it can do wonders for your messy home! Amp up your spring cleaning regimen by implementing Maria Kondo's unique approach to personal organization: