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As an interior designer, you focus not only on making homes beautiful, but also functional. This is an exciting time for the function aspect of interior design, as new developments in smart technology are completely revolutionizing the way people heat their homes, secure their property, and even brew their coffee. By incorporating smart technology into your designs, you can make each home a more comfortable and convenient place. What's more, most smart home products are aesthetically pleasing. Consider incorporating these five options into your next masterpiece:

We all know they're everywhere. We see them at the grocery store; in drivers' hands, at restaurants and in movie theaters. If fact, some people wear them on their wrists!

They are for communication, certainly. And for playing games. But they're also, increasingly, the remote controls that Americans use to manage their homes, conduct business, shop, check on their children, and assure their own safety and security. There are, according to reliable statistics, more than 207 million smartphone users in the United States in 2016, and more than 2 billion worldwide.

There is no doubt that we live in a technology-dominated world, and even our homes are becoming outdated and old-fashioned if they aren't connected!

Smart homes are the future -- and they are, increasingly, a present reality.