In case of an emergency, you need to react fast and well. Of course, it’s not easy, but thankfully, there are practical tools you can use, such as the emergency number that you can register in your Myfox Security app.


How does it work?

When an alert is triggered (detection from the camera, break-in attempt, etc), you receive a push notification on your smartphone, as well as an SMS and an email, making it difficult to miss.

When you open your Myfox Security app, you’ll see a banner symbolizing the ongoing alert that will allow you to simply call the emergency number you’ll have registered previously.


Configuring the emergency number

It’s easy and shouldn’t be neglected! Go to the Settings menu in your Myfox Security app, then go to My Home, the emergency number is at the bottom of the screen.

Your emergency number can be a neighbor who can do a visual check, or the number of the local police, if you’ve been able to do a visual check from the app through the Security Camera.

We recommend that you configure your emergency number as soon as possible following the installation of your equipment, to counter unexpected situations. You can modify the number later if needed.

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