You will receive an email and a notification on your smartphone when your Security Camera detects a movement.

If you’ve paired the Security Camera to a Home Alarm, the siren will set off and you’ll receive an SMS, as well as an email and a notification.

Motion detection by the Security Camera is compatible with pets thanks to sensitivity and no-zones settings.


How to configure motion detection?

To configure motion detection on your Myfox Security Camera, open the Myfox Security app, go to “Settings” and “Installation”.

Select the camera where you’d like to activate or deactivate motion detection and tap on “Motion detection”.


The settings menu for motion detection allows you to set three levels:

  1. Activation/deactivation of motion detection: You will be notified (via email, notification and SMS (if paired with Home Alarm) when the camera(s) detect(s) a movement.
  2. Detection sensitivity: You can refine the threshold from which a movement will trigger an alert. A low sensitivity (cat image) can lower the detection threshold and only important movements will trigger an alert. High sensitivity (goldfish image) will raise the threshold for the trigger.
  3. Detection area: you can exclude some parts of the screen in order to focus detection on your windows, doors, or other critical spaces. By tapping on the rectangles, you’ll gray out the areas that won’t set off the alarm. Lighter areas will reporte the movements that were detected and you’ll be notified.


Inactive zones selection screen
Configuration screen showing active/inactive zones

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  1. Perfect. I got my motion detectors at a while back an looking into replacing them.

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