If you’re not (yet) equipped to secure your home, you may not have realized the advantages it could bring about. All too often, it’s after a misadventure that people choose to gear up. But what if you made the decision now to change your life?

Making your home safe and sound can be very simple. With the help of technology, it’s now easier and quicker than ever to gear up. Find out how below.

When you’re at work

It’s not hard for an intruder to “test” your presence at home: a buzz on your doorbell, dressing up as the delivery man or even just a phone call, if they know your phone number (it can happen)… They can always find out whether your home is occupied and how often, just by figuring out your habits. An IntelliTAG and a Security Camera will ward off intruders and allow you to monitor your home from your smartphone, at your convenience.

When the kids are home

The Security Camera’s two-way audio feature allows you to talk to your children when they’re home, and to remind them not to open the door should a stranger come knocking. In case of doubt, you’ll be able to alert the people in your community (a friend or close neighbor, for instance) to check that everything is okay. In case of a fire, a connected smoke detector will alert your children and warn you immediately.

When you’re home

Even when you’re home, the risk of an intrusion is always present, whether it’s daytime or nighttime. However, thanks to an adapted system (well-positioned IntelliTAGs, alarms set in night mode), you don’t have to worry at the slightest noise: your system is watching over you!

When you’re going on holiday

Just like when you’re at work, you can keep an eye at home directly from your smartphone thanks to your Security Camera. What’s more, in case of an intrusion, your alarm will scare off the intruder and a security agent will come to your home (get more details in our post about COPS Monitoring here). An alert will also be sent to your community, so they can carry out a visual check, if needed.

Having the right gear is the right way to spend a worry-free holiday!

Does your equipment bring you comfort when you’re not at home?

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  1. It’s indeed a big help for household to have a secure home. It is always for the safety of everyone especially with the kids. This post will sure bring realization to homeowners to always secure their home because it makes a lot of difference to stay in a safe and comfortable place.

  2. A secure home can definitely change our life. It helps to protect our household things and commodities and also protect us from unwanted and unsuspicious incidents, therefore in most of the cases, we have installed different kinds of home security products in our home which includes, home security alarms, cameras, sensors and other kinds of products. Home security system assured proper safety to us, thanks for this wonderful post with useful information about home security systems.

  3. Thanks! Very interesting article. It’s amazing that we are living in such progressive world. With these technologies we can be in confidence that our homes and our loved ones are in safety.

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