Security cameras can immediately alert you to suspicious activity in your home, but their usefulness doesn’t end there. From baby monitoring to live streaming, a good security camera can serve a variety of functions.

Baby Monitor

Security cameras are increasingly being used as baby monitors, with smart options such as the Myfox home security camera proving especially popular among tech-savvy parents. Typically, parents stop using baby monitors when their kids reach two years of age. That’s a big investment for just two years, which is why it’s worth re-purposing your makeshift baby monitor into a standard security camera. This is a great option if you plan on just having one child — there’s one less thing you have to donate or throw away.

Pet Supervision

If you don’t have kids, chances are, you think of your cat or dog as your fur baby. These four-legged critters can largely take care of themselves while you’re away, but that won’t necessarily stop you from worrying about them. A security camera can give you much-needed peace of mind, not to mention, capture some truly hilarious footage of your pet’s antics while you’re out and about.

Babysitting Supervision

Don’t trust your babysitter? No worries — you can keep an eye on them with help from your security camera. Obviously, it’s best to thoroughly vet your sitter and only choose somebody you can trust to take care of your kids, but if a nagging sense of doubt takes over, all it takes is a quick check of footage from your security camera to determine whether your sitter abided by your requests. Furthermore, if something from your home goes missing, you can quickly check the footage you’ve captured to determine whether your babysitter was responsible.

Live Stream Your Home

Whether you’re a social media addict or simply want to try something a bit different, you can easily put your life on display with the help of a security camera. More importantly, however, a security camera grants you the full control you need, making it possible to both show off certain aspects of your personal life and maintain privacy when and how you see fit. Some homeowners don’t make footage public, but rather, use it to observe their behavior throughout the day. There’s no better way to hold yourself accountable.

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  1. They also seem popular with parents of teenagers as they are great for checking in on the kids when they get home from school. They’re also great for supervising contractors, guests and elderly parents.

  2. My teenage son is home before me some days and although he is a great kid, I do wonder how he’s behaving when I’m not there. I’ve thought about using a security camera to keep an eye on him, but wasn’t sure I wanted to invade his privacy until his grades started dropping. Now I am doing research into the project and it’s full steam ahead. I’m happy to hear that other parents are doing it, too. Makes me feel less crazy about the whole thing. 🙂

  3. Thanks for the post Susana. re blogging at

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