There is no doubt that we live in a technology-dominated world, and even our homes are becoming outdated and old-fashioned if they aren’t connected!

Smart homes are the future — and they are, increasingly, a present reality.

Through digital technology, including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, it is now possible to lock your doors, turn on your lights, adjust interior temperatures, check the contents of your refrigerator, start dinner with a command from your smartphone, or be advised about a possible intruder — whether you’re blocks away or across the continent. You can view a sleeping child, monitor a teenage pool party, or check remotely to see if you remembered to lock your front door.

Smart home technology offers a homeowner greater security and the kind of control and convenience that was the stuff of dreams and science fiction movies only a few years ago.

Complicated and Expensive? Not Any More!

When whole house security systems were first introduced, they were expensive and sometimes less than effective. Today’s video surveillance cameras, wireless motion sensors, window and door monitors are attractive, unobtrusive, and intelligently designed to interface with smart phones, computers and tablets. Interior sirens supplement alerts sent to you in “real time.”

Companies like Myfox offer additional support services and options for professional monitoring at reasonable rates and with no long term contracts.

The best part? The price for smart home security has entered the realm of reasonable, if not totally necessary, options; the technology is easy to install and operate. In fact, many of the most popular smart home features are so simple that they can almost be termed “child’s play.” But they offer sophisticated protection, and that’s not a childish concern.

Advances on the home appliance front are also revolutionary, so much so, in fact, that one oven manufacturer will send a “tech rep” to your home to show you how to make the best use of your smart new cooking helper. And the latest refrigerator model by Samsung not only allows you to remotely view the contents on your smart phone, but will also, on command, send an order for you directly to the grocery store, pull up favorite recipes, and allow you to leave reheating instructions for your children on the built-in touchscreen!

What’s not to love about all this new technology? More importantly, why would you want to do without it?

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  1. Yes as a director of home automation company in Chennai I often meet customers who believe that smart homes are something of the future and are reluctant to accept that smart homes are rather a reality. Any regular hosehold contains at least a few smart home gadgets be it sensors or security system and the number is sure to grow in the coming years.

  2. All what you want to know about smart home system you can find here Thanks for the article I agree with it.

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