Your smart security gets smarter when you accessorize your NEST framework with products that expand its capabilities. Here are four smart home products including Myfox that work with NEST and can improve your security in many ways.

Jawbone Up

You wear this incredible device on your wrist, and it adjusts the temperature in your house depending on whether you are asleep or awake. The Jawbone works in conjunction with the Nest Learning Thermostat, and automatically lowers the heat when you go to sleep and raises it when you wake up.

Lifx Bulbs

These low energy, high performance light bulbs link up with your smart phone app and your NEST framework. These light bulbs can last you up to a quarter century, and they can be controlled remotely from the app to turn lights on and off, dim the lights, place them on a timer and even change their color. Lifx Bulbs do more than keep you comfortable in the home; they can also serve as a security measure, because the lights can be controlled remotely as though a human is in the house.


MyFox allows you to control your entire home alarm system from your smart phone, helping you to prevent break ins before they even have a chance to happen. You can connect MyFox to your NEST Thermostat systems and Nest Protect. Your activity feed gives you up to date messages on your security so that you can monitor everything without being there. Upon detection of smoke and/or carbon monoxide, those who use the Nest Protect in tandem with the Myfox Home Alarm and 24/7 professional monitoring services will now immediately receive a personal call from the surveillance company who will then dispatch the fire department without delay for added security and protection.

Chamberlain Garage Doors

If you are looking to add an extra level of protection for your home, then invest in Chamerlain garage doors. These garage doors will connect to your NEST Thermostat and open and close your doors based upon your location and the setting that you put into your app.

There are many other apps that combine with your NEST framework that can help to control everything in your home. If you are looking to upgrade your home security into the 21st century, then the NEST framework should be your preferred baseline, because it is always expandable to the next level of protection.

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