Once limited to thermostats, the smart home concept now extends into the kitchen environment. If you have a history of kitchen-based carelessness, you’ll definitely want to invest in these key appliances and systems:

Family Hub Refrigerator

Smart fridges are increasingly common, and while the dream of ordering food straight to your fridge remains far, far away, a variety of other conveniences are now at your fingertips. Samsung’s Family Refrigerator is particularly useful, as its touchscreen makes grocery planning and management a cinch.

Smart Dishwasher

Dishwashers get more efficient all the time. Smart dishwashers are especially eco-friendly, as they ensure that the proper amount of water is used for each load. Whirlpool’s smart dishwasher makes it easy to track energy consumption and the annual cost of operation.

Programmable Coffee Maker

When you’re rushing to get ready for work, the last thing you need is an extra step in your morning routine. A programmable coffee maker can optimize your morning regimen by allowing you to start the brewing process from the comfort of your own bed.

Countertop Oven

You’ll never burn a pizza again after you invest in the June Intelligent Oven. This genius countertop appliance features a five-inch touch-screen and a smartphone app you can use to monitor cooking progress from afar. Don’t worry if you’re a clueless chef; once you put your meal in the oven, June will identify it with its built-in camera and suggest an appropriate cooking program.

MyFox + Nest

Safety is a chief concern in the kitchen, where even brief periods of inattention can endanger you and your loved ones. Fire is a top risk, so the correct placement of a smoke alarm is imperative. The alarm included in the MyFox + Nest security system immediately alerts you to smoke and other hazards, even when you’re away from home. Whether you leave for a dinner date with your spouse or a week-long vacation, you can take solace in knowing that your kitchen — and the rest of your home — is safe.

From managing groceries to brewing coffee, smart home equipment and appliances can significantly enhance everyday kitchen functions. As you save both time and energy, you’ll quickly realize that kitchen-based smart technology is well worth the investment.

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