You have security for intruders and accidents, but what about flooding? Here are five easy ways to safeguard your home from a hazard that is sometimes overlooked although it is actually the most common natural disaster.

Checking the Dishwasher/Washing Machine

Flooding occurs in areas with a low flooding hazard because of running water inside of the home. Make sure that your appliances that run water always have clear pipes, and try not to run big loads of dishes or clothes while you are away for extended periods.

Cleaning the Drains

Make sure that all of your gutter and drain systems are clear so that they will carry rainwater away from your home instead of letting it accumulate around your property. The natural wear and tear of drains can cause them to break down, and leaves and debris can also block the flow of water. Check at least one time per month.

Remote Home Monitoring Alerts

You now have the ability to watch your home while you are away with a remote home monitoring alert app. Modern apps not only let you know when something is wrong, they give you the power to fix it without going home. For instance, you can connect an app directly to the main power source in your home to shut down a washing machine that is leaking from anywhere in the world.

A Sump Pump

One of the easiest and least expensive ways to direct water away from your home is a sump pump, a device that lets you pump water directly out of your house. Make sure that you invest in a battery powered pump so that if you have to turn off the electricity in your home, the sump pump does not lose its source of power as well.

Fix Cracks

Cracks that are in the foundation of your home or in your plumbing may cause flooding with the slightest provocation. Getting these fixed should be priority one as soon as you discover that something is wrong with them. Check at least twice a year to ensure that the most important aspects of your plumbing and foundation are always working properly and completely free of leaks.

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