With the underground market technology for breaking and entering becoming more potent every day, your home security should be priority one. Believe it or not, most thieves today are not individuals functioning on a personal scale. Robbers often buy tools and new technologies from a network of technically savvy home breach experts. You need an organization backing you as well. Here are five reasons to use home monitoring services directly from an alarm company like Myfox rather than trying to DIY the process without professional monitoring services.

Quicker Access to Law Enforcement

Professional home monitoring companies have greater access to law enforcement agencies than any individual. If you have monitoring from the company, you will automatically have a shorter lead time from breach to law enforcement contact, reducing the risk of permanent or extended damage to your family or assets.

More Durable Systems

Professional home security from a dedicated company gives you access to systems that have proven their mettle over time. You do not need a system that breaks down during inclement weather or just because of one tripped wire.

Automatic Upgrades

If your system is DIY, then you have to make upgrades yourself. The technology on the other side is always increasing. If you maintain monitoring through a partner company like Myfox, they will keep up with the latest security for you, informing you of new updates without you having to find them yourself.

Faster Fixes

All electronic products break down. However, if your DIY system breaks down, then your home is effectively vulnerable until you can find a solution. If you have a partner security system, you have a team of people who will fix the inevitable problems that you will face very quickly, reducing your vulnerability.

24/7 Monitoring

DIY systems rely on your manpower in order to be effective. If your house is monitored by a partner company, then you will receive instant updates on the security of your home from anywhere through an app. This is especially important when you go on extended vacations or business trips – you need a true professional team watching your home on your behalf.


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