Practical as they may be, key fobs that allow you to activate or deactivate your alarm in one quick move can be lost. If this happens, no need to panic: you can deactivate it before someone finds it and gains access to your alarm without your knowledge. Here are some simple steps to deactivate a lost fob.

Unpairing a key fob from a user

First, note that you can unpair a key fob from a user. A practical option in case of a roommate change or when a guest leaves, for instance.

Be careful, however: the fob will not be deactivated. It will remain active, only it won’t be paired with someone. This isn’t the solution we’re looking for.

Deleting a key fob

To delete a key fob so that it no longer interacts with your equipment, go to your Myfox Security app. In the Settings area go to the “My devices ” menu, choose the fob you’d like to delete.


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Select the fob, then tap on the “trash” icon (delete) and confirm your choice.

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Once deleted, the key fob will no longer be able to interact with your alarm. It’s the best way to ensure a lost fob won’t be used maliciously.

A lost fob can always allow the disarmament of your installation (automatically or by pressing on the disarming button): do not make your potential burglar’s life easier by leaving the fob active! Delete it right away, and stay in control of your security.

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  1. I am so glad you said to make sure you do not make your potential burglar’s life easier by leaving a lost fob active. I have an electronic car key fob that I recently lost somewhere. Thank you so much for the tips on what to do with a lost key fob.

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