We recently wrote about how to add users to your Home Alarm system. Today, we’ll talk about how to add new members to your community. Let us guide you!

A few months ago, we introduced Myfox Community. We gave an overview of the users inside your home (the owner, children and guests) and introduced the concept of the community: everyone outside the home (family, friends, neighbors).

It is important to define your community with care, as its members are the ones who will be able to intervene and do a visual check in your absence, when an intrusion will be detected. Let’s see how to do that with the Myfox Security app.

Steps to follow

Adding a member to your community, is very simple. All you need to do is follow these steps:

1 – Go to your Myfox Security app and select “my community”, then “+”, top right.

Myfox Community App Settings

2 – Choose the type of user you’d like to add (family & friends, or neighbors)

Myfox community app settings
Myfox community app settings

3 – Enter the name and email of the person invited, then add their picture.

Myfox home alarm community app settings
Myfox home alarm community app settings

4 – Select “add”. That’s it: the user has been added!

Follow these simple steps to add more people to your community. So simple, isn’t it?

If you have any questions or suggestions for “how to’s”, leave us a comment!

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