Warm weather has arrived and you have caught the home improvement bug. Whether you desire a cooler or more secure home, you can achieve your goals with these simple projects:

1. Smart Home Devices

The wrong thermostat will either cause your energy bills to skyrocket during the summer months or leave your home feeling unbearably hot when you return after a long day at work. Programmable thermostats can ease this problem to some extent, but a smart system such as Nest is even better, as it learns your habits and adjusts automatically based on your personal preferences.

2. Energy-Efficient Windows

Summer heat can lead not only to personal discomfort, but also astronomical energy bills as you crank up the air conditioning. Energy-efficient windows keep your home cooler during the summer and warmer as winter approaches. In addition to reducing your energy bill, you can reap the financial rewards with the help of tax credits designed to promote eco-friendly homes.

3. Add a Skylight

Let the natural light of summer into your home with the help of a skylight. As with windows, energy-efficient options are available, and some skylights even come accompanied by significant tax credits.

4. Install Ceiling Fans

On the hunt for a simple and effective way to keep your home cool without using the air conditioner? Consider installing ceiling fans, which circulate air and keep your home’s interior feeling fresh. The ideal fan will mix fashion and function, thereby serving as both decor and an effective cooling system. Many new ceiling fan systems include wireless integration, which allows for easy smartphone-based control.

5. Home Security DIY Camera

From weekend trips to the cabin to longer vacations abroad, summer is the perfect time for travel. However, it’s tough to relax when you’re worried about whether your home is safe and secure. Ease those fears with a home security camera from MyFox. This easy-to-install camera will help you keep an eye on things back home, thereby giving you valuable peace of mind. Smartphone integration makes it easy to control the camera; simply give your phone a tap when you want the shutter open.

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  1. I agree with tip #2. Double or triple pane, argon filled, vinyl windows are very energy efficient. They’ll make your home feel comfortable year round.

  2. Next week, I am going to be starting on my home remodeling project and I have yet to even consider having a skylight put in. I like the idea of natural light being able to come in more and thing that that will add some aesthetic value to the home. However, do you know whether or not a skylight will actually increase the financial value as well?

  3. These five tips are really helpful for the summers.

  4. Thanks for the great share! I also like the idea of Hydrogen fuel cells. The best part I like is this: The reliability and availability of modern energy sources cause people to tend to assume that it will always be accessible. And as for the case of non-renewable energy sources, most people do not know or maybe even refuse to accept that it will eventually run out.

  5. These are great home improvement tips. Energy efficient windows would be at the top of my list. This will definitely help you lower your electric bills.

  6. Programmable thermostats are definitely the way to go! It saves you so much time and money. Great tips.


  7. Admirable points here for summer witch are helpful also gorgeous the houses. Home Security DIY Camera is the great idea to secure the home. In this five tips this one is the best. Thanks for sharing with us.

  8. Hoping to see some tips on winter now, dang summer went fast. We just swapped out all our lights in our home to be controlled with SmartThings… definitely looking to swap out our thermostat here soon, should help us cut down on cost in the summer and winter. Nest is up there on my list!

    Full disclosure, I work for a window well cover company, WindowWellExperts.com, a great summer home improvement idea is to install covers before the snow starts to come (and trust me, living in Colorado, sometimes comes sooner than I want).

  9. Yes some winter tips please! I loved the tips about smart devices and skylights.

  10. thanks for share 5 awesome tips.I’ve always wondered when is the best time to communicate with our distributors and dealers. Our “Open Rate” is better Monday morning but our click to rate is very slow . Strongly agree that testing is the best. What method do you recommend for a better analysis of the results?. Thank you.

  11. Hello Susana
    What a nice post you’ve got here. This is so filled with useful information I wish I have seen this earlier,but now its almost Christmas, I guess i’ll have to wait till next summer,
    But one thing I did on that list this summer was getting a ceiling fan which I kinda really regretted cause of the noise output I got from it constantly giving me sleepless nights. I had to have them removed after a week, like hell! i’ll rather cook in the heat.. I guess i’ll be look out for a better product next time.

  12. I didn’t try the celing fan, because I scare about the noise. Though lots of high quality fans are there but still I wonder about the noise. Skylight is a great advice along with energy efficient window. Overall you provided very useful advice in short words. Thanks again.

  13. Great share.

    I have just recently finished remodeling my house. But forgot to go for skylight.

    I am really liking it. Now I am rearranging my interiors like ordered new washable rugs for living area, cushions etc.

    Keep on sharing more.

  14. New energy efficient windows definitely help to make your home more comfortable year round. They also look great and can improve the resale of your home.

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  16. Thank you very much for sharing. This is a great insight.

  17. During season change, we need some kind of improvements in our homes. Therefore, we should take certain beneficial steps while following the instructions. During summer, we feel hot in our home, so we need suitable ventilation systems to get fresh air. Here this article also describes some essential facts about home improvement, especially for summer. Thanks for such a wonderful article.

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  19. Very informative! I’d like to say thanks for sharing this blog post. It must be helpful to me and many others who want to renovate their home. Energy Efficient Windows and Add Skylight tips are beneficial tips which help to remove sealing from your home.

  20. A tip that I would like to add is always keep professionals on speed dial, I had Flood Damage in my house and I had to call someone trustworthy right away, never want to lose all that hard work you put in their home

  21. Great article! Since I live in Florida I am always looking for ways to keep my house cool in the summer without breaking the bank! I think you have given some great suggestions here! Ceiling fans are a must in Florida, I don’t think I have seen a house without them!

  22. Some homeowners wonder if they should have their septic tanks serviced on a regular basis. The answer, of course, is yes! Forgotten septic tanks can cause serious problems for your home.

  23. Home improvement is very special in summer. Most owners keep their fans, coolers and air conditioners ready to take on the soaring heat of the days. You can bring in more energy efficient devices which would yield profit in the long run. You can consider energy-efficient windows. If you set aside a space for skylight, which not only ventilate air but also offers natural sunlight. As you know, it is also considered as the vacation season. So to ensure safety, you have to repair/maintain or install a security camera.

  24. Great article! I’m looking for ways to keep my house cool in the summer without having to break the bank because I live in Florida! I think I’ve got some great suggestions here! The ceiling fans should be in Florida, I do not think I’ve seen a house without me!

  25. and what about winter home improvement tips?
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  27. Thanks for your incredible tips. Home improvement especially for septic tank, garbage disposal, and plumbing sometimes are troublesome. But this tips will help a lot.

  28. It is really the time for smart home devices. Smart devices such as the thermostats will pay off by itself by being more efficient. Thank you for sharing your thoughts

  29. It’s great to learn about home improvements. I love how you said that adding new windows can help us save on bills. Right now, we pay way too much, so that would be really nice.

  30. Impressive and informative tips for the summer home improvement. As the summer is the hottest temperate season of the year. So, home maintenance & improvement require a lot of time and money to build a home according to the environment as well as requirements of customers and it requires the high range of budget for small repairs to large remodeling.

  31. Simple and smart tips to have the modifications done efficiently for home. I am excited about the idea of energy efficient windows. It is very true that the windows take an important role in the natural light and air but we often ignore this fact. Thank you for sharing the great tips.

  32. I like that you talked about letting natural light into your home by using a skylight. That’s seriously a great idea. My friend moved into a new house in junior high that had a skylight. It really made the house a lot more spacious and comfortable. Thanks for the tips!

  33. Installing a ceiling fan is a must in summers. As it is energy efficient it can save your electricity bill also it is a life-saver when your AC stops working.

  34. If you are decorating your condo then you will be making some tough choices on choosing things that can reflect both your style. This is the perfect blog for anyone who wants to know about this topic.

  35. Take my gratitude thanks first. Yes, I like your tips for the improvement of the summer home. Especially, 3, 4 and 5 number. whether my home already has the security camera. then again others are very important to add I thought. Thanks again, dear.

  36. These are great resources for inspiration, thanks for sharing.

  37. Wow you are an amazing home designer. Love your ideas and your directions are easy to follow.

  38. It’s a nice blog. Thanks for sharing this information.

  39. Thanks for sharing the informative ideas. In summer, the proper fresh air is mandatory for comfortable living.

  40. It’s a nice blog.Thank you for your valuable information.

  41. Thanks for sharing these tips! I got to agree with the smart home devices, they adjust automatically!

  42. Maintaining your AC is a must in summer. It is worst when you have AC and it doesn’t give out cool air or makes some irritating sound while in use.

  43. I loved the picture. The Balcony looks beautiful with those set of sofas.

  44. Installing ceiling fans is must in summer. If at all the AC stops working at least you will have ceiling fans to save you from the heat.

  45. I seriously feel that every home should have at least one ceiling fan.

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