Modern home security devices not only protect your home from intrusion, but they function seamlessly within your interior decor to provide a great look and feel to your home as well. Here are four of the sleekest and most functional new products on the market that are helping the world redefine home security.

The Myfox Camera

This small, streamlined camera comes complete with night vision, a motorized shutter feature, a wide angle 130 degree field of view and integration with your smart devices for remote control from anywhere. However, the Myfox does not feel out of place or give you a creepy feeling of being watched in your own living room: You might actually mistake it for a simple table decoration unless someone told you otherwise!

The Nest Thermostat

The Nest Thermostat is known for being incredibly easy to install and use. Over time, this smart thermostat will learn your preferences, so you won’t even have to program it eventually. The design of the Nest is slim and sleek, adding a techy look to your interior decor that looks absolutely stunning on the wall of your home. You gain different settings for different kinds of heating systems as well.

The Phillips HUE

Your wireless LED lighting solution is here, and the Phillips HUE gets the job done without interfering in your daily lifestyle. Connecting straight to your smart phone, the HUE app allows  you to control the lights and set the ambiance of any gathering from anywhere. Even the extension bulbs don’t look weird, and you may mistake them for regular bulbs if you are not careful. Use the HUE to simulate activity in your home while you are away for extended trips without leaving your lights on for long periods of time.

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