As a mom, you are always on the lookout for products that can help you automate and simplify management of the home. Here are four smart home products that are helping moms everywhere keep everything together without spending more time or effort on home management.

The Family Hub Refrigerator

The Family Hub Refrigerator, a Samsung innovation, allows you to check on the contents of your fridge from the convenience of your smart phone. Imagine never having to write out a grocery list again – simply look at what you need in real time! You can also check to see which of the kids is indulging just a bit too frequently in the ice cream!

The Myfox Camera

A Wi-Fi camera that is produced specifically for security purposes, the Myfox camera gives you infrared detection, image analysis and a motorized shutter, all completely controllable from your smart phone. You can keep your private moments private and zoom into questionable events at the click of a button. Myfox also comes equipped with night vision, because a security camera that can’t see in the dark really has no purpose at all, does it?

The INSTEON Thermostat

The INSTEON thermostat gives you instant control over the climate of your home no matter where you are or what you are doing. The app connects to any smart device incluing your smart phone or tablet. At your command to raise or lower the temperature or to disable the thermostat entirely, the INSTEON system will send messages straight through to the wiring in your home and to your INSTEON thermostat for instanct compliance. If unexpected weather hits while you are away, you have nothing to worry about!

The Amazon Echo

If you are looking for a device that gives you total control over your house from a single point, then the Amazon Echo is the product for you. Serving as a central hub for all of the security and management features in your house, you can give the personalized assistant “Alexa” commands that integrate with an increasing line of products around your home. Right now, you can turn your TV on, order a pizza or an Uber, and stream music from your favorite service.

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