Just because you are away does not mean that you have to leave your home vulnerable. Make sure that your home stays safe while you are away with these five tips.

Have a Trusted Neighbor or Family Member Check the House

Stick to family if you can, but if you do not have any family nearby, a trusted neighbor will do. Make sure they water the plants, empty the mailbox, trigger the outside lights at nightfall and maybe even give them a key so that they can turn the TV on and off a few times. You want the house to look “lived in” so burglars will think twice.

Stop the Newspaper

One of the most telling signs of a vacant home is a pile of old newspapers on the front porch. This basically screams, “I am not home!” to anyone who is looking. Call the newspaper office; they are used to stopping papers for vacation periods.

Watch What You Say on Social Media

The smartest thieves are going digital, monitoring social media for clues that a home might be unoccupied for a time. Do not announce your vacation on Facebook or Twitter; you never know who many be waiting for those magic words to give your house a well-timed visit.

Invest in a Home Monitoring Camera

You can watch your home from your smart phone from Jamaica just as easily as you can from down the street. The home monitoring cameras of today link straight into your mobile devices, alerting you when your alarm goes off, providing you with video from the camera straight to your smart phone and giving you options to call law enforcement from the comfort of your vacation bed.

Secure the Windows and the Garage

Far too many people lock all of the doors and completely forget to lock the windows and the garage. Thieves are looking for windows and garage doors first, because they realize that most people will lock the door behind them only because they had to leave from that door to leave the house. Ensuring that all of your possible entranceways are secure will thwart many a thief who is looking for an easy target.

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