If you are heading out of town for Memorial Day weekend, then you will want to make sure everything is safe and awaiting your return without calamity. Home security has been made much easier with smarthome technology that gives you personalized programming and remote control through your smartphone. Here are four smart products great for keeping disasters at bay while you are out.

Mobile Home Security

When you are leaving your home, it is natural to think about locking, sensors, alerts and cameras that will discover intruders or problems in the home. MyFox is a professional security monitoring service that gives you peace of mind when you are away. Security management is accessible right at the tips of your fingers at all times, with an app that can control the system, check in and provide you with notifications to keep you in the loop.

Remote Lock Control

If you have pet sitters, plant sitters or just visitors who need to get into your home, Schlage is the way to go. Coming from a reputable lock manufacturer (rather than an unproven tech startup), the impressive locks allow you to remotely control your locks and save you from the hassle and worry of handing out physical keys. No more keys stashed under the gnome, planter, rock or in the mailbox – the Schlage smartlock system gives you physical keys along with the freedom to create 19 different entry codes and smartphone control.

Energy Saving Thermostat

Technology like Nest literally pays for itself over time by saving you money on your bills. Thermostat technology is capable of learning your habits and adjusting accordingly so you can get the most out of your HVAC system. Trips out of town can be added to the programming to make sure the home stays safe for pets or pipes, but doesn’t waste unneeded energy when you aren’t there.

Smarter Management

From lights to the coffeemaker, SmartThings lets you control just about anything in your home right from your phone. Simply get set up and then start adding these Samsung products to customize what you access through your app. You even can add controlled outlets to ensure everything is properly turned off while you are out. One of the biggest causes of fires can be a coffee maker or iron that is mistakenly left on while you are away. With SmartThings, you can check in to make sure you aren’t wasting energy or facing a home disaster.

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