Even though you’re safe with Home Alarm, some situations can be less reassuring. Rather than giving in to panic, discover our SOS button. Simple, effective and available everywhere.

The SOS button is available in our app as well as on the Key fob, and allows you to send a silent or loud SOS alert. It can be especially useful when an elderly person has a fall, if you child feels in danger, or when an intruder enters your home, for example.

Inside the app

Inside your Myfox app, you’ll find a bell-shaped icon you’ll need to press. It offers three choices:

  • Send a silent SOS
  • Send an SOS and immediately trigger the siren
  • Cancel

On the Key fob

On the Key fob, a first push on the bell sends a silent SOS, any other push within the next 5 seconds triggers the siren in addition to the SOS.

What happens when I use the SOS button?

When you use the SOS button, a notification and an email are sent to all the “Admin” and “Community” users (meaning your neighbors, your family, your friends…) to warn them of the emergency. Administrators will also receive an SOS.

When an alerted person then connects to the application, she’ll see the red alert banner that allows her to directly call the emergency number previously configured (in the setup menu). The person that triggered the alert will have the same banner and the same opportunity to call the emergency number.

In any case, knowing the way this precious SOS button works is important, and so is informing the people most likely to use it.


Have you already used your SOS button?

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