Highly rewarded in 2015, in particular by a CES Innovation Award, an IF Design Award and a Red Dot Product Design Award, the Myfox Home Alarm and Security Camera are a real success both in Europe and beyond! Here is what you need to know about our flagship products.

Home Alarm

“Simple, intuitive and efficient”. This is how Jean-Marc Prunet, CEO of Myfox, presents Home Alarm.

The Home Alarm system includes an IntelliTAG, a 110dB siren with flash and audible signal, a hands-free badge for automatic recognition, as well as a wireless Link connection. It has everything to ensure optimal security in the simplest way possible!

Indeed, the smart key fob included in the pack allows the wearer to come and go in as he or she pleases: the system recognizes and deactivates the alarm automatically upon returning home. It also allows you to build a trusted network (friends, family, neighbors) to watch over your home while you’re out.

The installation can be done in just a few minutes:

You can find the Home Alarm here.

Recommended retail price: $279

Security Camera

The Security Camera was created to rethink home surveillance. It is the first and only camera with a motorized shutter that’s remote-controlled. As such, the Myfox Security Camera allows you to keep an eye out while preserving the user’s privacy.

Paired with the Myfox app for smartphones, the Security Camera allows you to see, hear and speak with your family and friends in charge of your home. One tap on your smartphone closes the motorized shutter to completely cover the objective and preserve your privacy at home.

Other features: HD video, 130° angle, Magic Zoom x4, night vision with infrared detection, etc.

Myfox Security Camera pairs with Myfox Home Alarm for a complete and innovative security solution. You can immediately see what’s going on at home upon the slightest alert detected by your IntelliTAG. As soon as the system is activate, the motorized shutter opens automatically and recording begins, so you can rest assured.

The installation only takes a few minutes:

You can find the Security Camera here.

Recommended retail price: $179

Tell us what you think of our new products in the comments below! Will you let yourself be tempted?

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