Security, we can’t repeat it enough, is important. Today, it’s an inescapable concern, no matter the sphere: your home, phone, computer, etc. While our blog will explore this theme more thoroughly in the future, today, we come back to security basics in five key points.

  1. Keep your schedule private

In 2015, no less than 73 % of Americans subscribed to a social network, according to Statista. It’s no surprise that somewhere between the grey areas in privacy settings (including Facebook) and occasional forgetfulness, a private publication becomes inadvertently public. And unfortunately, it’s very easy for an ill-intended person to figure out your habits and your schedule from this information.

So how about taking a tour of the social networks where you are subscribed and verifying your privacy settings (Facebook clearly explains its own on this page)? Because while some things can be safely shared in public, others can’t. Be vigilant!

  1. Change your password frequently

Today, we all have different online accounts: email, banking, commercial websites, etc. Of course, the more we have accounts, the more we’re tempted to use the same password for all these logins! As you might imagine, this is a very bad idea! Secure accounts depend on unique passwords.

Thankfully, password management tools are multiplying and are helping us strengthen our accounts’ security by keeping in memory all our passwords in an encrypted and protected way. They can also suggest highly secure passwords, which is very useful when you’re out of ideas! Mac OS X has Gatekeeper, and independent software such as the acclaimed 1Password or even oneSafe are also there to lend a hand.

  1. Update!

This can seem obvious, but it’s good to remember that an up-to-date computer system is more secure. Indeed, each day, new malicious software and security breaches are discovered, and the best way to avoid intrusion is to update your operating system and software.

This is also valid for your smartphone: stop ignoring your red notification icon and download the update!

  1. Get the right equipment

We’ll end with these tips on what matters the most in this blog: gear. Like we mentioned earlier, security is an inescapable issue today, but thankfully it’s no longer out of reach for most people.

Indeed, there are many increasingly affordable and customizable ways to  to secure your home, from a connected camera to a motion detector. MyFox Home alarm will meet all your expectations. What’s more, everything can be easily set up!

If you have other tips or advice about security, share them in the comments below!

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