Myfox has always listened to its clients. We regularly ask for feedback on this blog. Today, it’s John’s turn to talk about how he uses our products!

John B. is a 37-year old mechanic. He is married with twins and lives in Bethesda, MD.

How did you learn about Myfox products?

I learned about Myfox products through banner ads on Facebook. I had also seen the products at Best Buy. But what really caught my attention was the design of the Home Alarm and the Security Camera!

Were you already interested or equipped in home security before Myfox?

No, I only had a few remote controls and wireless switches. The arrival of connected products and the possibility of controlling everything with my iPhone were decisive for me. Design, simplicity, intuitiveness: everything I needed!

Which Myfox products do you own and for what reasons?

The Home Alarm system and its design similar to “the apple” seduced me. The system efficiently protects my apartment. The installation is small but complete and, above all, reliable. Three IntelliTAG are paired on the front door and the windows. A fourth one just arrived for my terrace. Two or three more will follow, as I realized that the ones in my underground garage will link to my hub in my living room. I’ll therefore protect a storage trunk, my motorcycle and my car, which are sometimes parked for a long time. I hadn’t thought of these possibilities at first. A Security Camera watches over my living room.

What do you think makes Myfox and its products so special?

I found some things at Myfox that I couldn’t find at other competitors:

  • Trendy design: at last, a beautiful alarm! Actually, it doesn’t look like an alarm, but like the latest fashionable gadget of a great american designer…
  • A hands-free system with key fobs: no more stress coming home. Same for my friends, my children: the alarm recognizes you and turns off automatically… Couldn’t be easier!
  • Ease of installation and operation.
  • A simple and intuitive smartphone app. Being able to be warned of the comings and goings of key fob users.
  • Finally, a camera with a motorized shutter that guarantees the intimacy of the people inside the home. As someone who often has people over, I’m glad that my guests’ privacy is respected.
  • Smart IntelliTAG that react as soon as an attempt at breaking in is detected.

Do you use certain products in a specific or planned way? Through IFTTT or certain scenarios, for example.

No, I haven’t had the time to check out these features. I’m very happy with the basic features! But sure, why not place some IntelliTAG on some adjacent objects, like my mountain bike in my basement (the range is close enough).

What advice would you give to users of Myfox products in order to optimize their use of these products?

Pair the Myfox system with a partner brand, such as Nest.

Has one of our Myfox products already helped you prevent a break-in, fire, or other nuisance?

Not yet. And I hope that won’t happen! My system only does prevention for now. But I’d like other options, such as an exterior alarm.

What other connected products would you advise to Myfox users to complete their experience of a connected home?

Personally, I’ve paired up my Myfox system to a Nest thermostat that manages the heat inside the apartment. When I turn on my Home Alarm while I’m out, my thermostat switches to “absent” mode and turns off my heat. When I get back home, it turns back on. I also have a Nest fire/CO2 detector. I’d like to pair it with the opening of my motorized shutters, something that’s still unavailable on Home Alarm.

Which is your favorite scenario, the one you use most often?

Other than the pairing with my Nest thermostat, which manages the heat, my usage is rather basic. I sometimes use the Night Mode to secure my accesses only…and soon, my vehicles too.

What would you say to someone who is interested in home security but who is still hesitant about gearing up with Myfox products?

No obligation. No subscription. A competitive price. A complete, simple, intuitive, reliable and beautiful product. What’s more, it’s within the reach of the entire family, juniors, seniors, and even the technologically-challenged! Myfox is a smart fox, and it’s the connected home’s best friend.

Many thanks to John for his answers and his beautiful pictures!

If, like John, you’d like to share your Myfox experience, leave a short comment below and we’ll be in touch!

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