We often mention IFTTT is this blog which is a service that allows you to program an automatic action if your equipment is compliant. This week, let’s take a look at “DO” buttons.

How  DO  They Work?

Behind the DO button is a very straightforward idea: It ALLOWS the activation of a function or device with one click. In fact, a DO button has only one function: “ON / OFF”.

Some very practical examples

Let’s explore Some examples of practical DO buttons for the channel MyFox Security (dedicated to Home Alarm and Security Camera) that you can add to your account. If you do not yet have an IFTTT account, or would like to know more, check out our previous posts on the subject.

With this button, you can deactivate your entire system. Very useful if you can not find your key fob, for example!

This button allows you to open the privacy shutter on your Security Camera with a simple click. It’s great when you need to check on something, even if you’re already home.

With this button, you can switch to Night Mode right away.

Finally, the DO button also triggers the siren immediately whenever will will you need!

Where are the buttons DO?

DO buttons are in the quick access menu on your iPhone and are available as a widget on Android. They’re even on the Apple Watch!

Other recipes are available here , and we encourage you to explore all the possibilities of your Home Alarm coupled with IFTTT.

Tell us in the comments below-the recipes you use MOST Often!

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