We can’t say it enough: To be safe, having the right gear is essential! Here are some good reasons to gear up.

8 – Simulate a presence

Remember “Home Alone”? Little Kevin had to work very hard to simulate a party in his home. It’s a lot easier now with innumerable IFTTT recipes (but without Michael Jordan!).

7 – Avoid a fire

Don’t be a hot head! A smoke detector will save you unnecessary trouble.

6 – Keep your heater in check

Being home is the best… when the temperature is just right!

5 – Choose true monitoring

Cats are awesome… cameras are better.

4 – Be at peace

Your best weapon is prevention.

3 – Set up everything yourself

This won’t happen with Myfox.

2 – Forgot to turn the lights off?

Sure, it’ll be a hit photo with your buddies, but you could do without it, right?

1 – No need to get pushy

A sensor on your gate or a scenario that triggers garage doors opening upon your arrival will make your routine seamless and pleasant.

Enjoy all the benefits of a smart home by checking out Myfox products at our stores!

Got other ideas on how to make this top 8 even crazier? Leave us a comment!

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