In terms of security, public or domestic, it’s hard to be more efficient than video surveillance, a digital eye and ear that can witness potential crimes, infractions or accidents. Let’s take a better look.

Origins of video surveillance

The very first video surveillance system dates from 1942 and allowed Germans to monitor the launch of V2 missiles; but the democratization of video surveillance really occurred in the 80s through the deployment of video technologies, such as the camescope.

By now, we know that video surveillance systems are set up in some public spaces such as buses, airports, train stations, and the like. But did you know that this medium was massively developed in the UK? Nowadays there are no less than 4 million cameras in the country.

Increasingly accessible to everyone

On the homefront, the end of the 90s saw a surge in webcams and the first cases of enthusiasts sharing about their lives on the Internet. Large cities particularly thrived on the webcam trend, with many image streams of city views available online.

Today, home video surveillance benefits from highly-developed technology, and has staked its place in a secure and remote-controlled ecosystem.

What are the uses of video surveillance?

There are many. You can use home video cameras to:

  • Check on baby in his room
  • Monitor sensitive areas for elderly people
  • See who’s at the door before opening
  • Check on pets
  • Check on people working at your home (contractors, cleaners, baby-sitter, etc)

Of course, everyone will find their own use, and you can tell us about yours in the comments section!

Keeping an eye on the budget

Today’s video surveillance cameras have become democratized and can be quite affordable. But remember that a camera without a security system isn’t of much value!

Myfox offers an affordable choice with its Security Camera equipped with a motorized shutter that automatically closes to protect your privacy.

Do you have a video surveillance system? Are you happy about it? What do you use it for? Sound off in the comments below.

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  1. It’s interesting to see how far video surveillance has advanced. I like that it’s becoming more accessible to everyone! It would be great to have a system installed in my home. It’s good to be secure, after all!

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