When it comes to home video surveillance, here are some of the words that immediately come to mind: reliability, trust, simplicity, flexibility, affordability. In an ideal world, you could get it all.

But faced with inflexible, expensive and small text-heavy annual contracts, you may have wondered: are we there yet? The answer today is yes, we are. Welcome to your new smart home, protected 24/7.

The market of home security is changing. The predominant model is one that’s expensive – security traditionally being a privilege for those who can afford it – with little flexibility and high fees. In recent years, the rise of the smart home phenomenon is quickly bringing new solutions to the table, lowering prices and improving choices for today’s consumers. Thanks to smartphones, the Internet and connected objects, DYI security solutions are emerging everywhere and enabling an increasingly preventive (instead of reactive) approach.

Today’s home security model is smart, wireless, user-friendly, flexible and affordable, while remaining trustworthy. At the heart of the smart and connected home is you, more aware and in control of your environment than ever. Backed by technology, you can now be part of the security ecosystem, shaping it to your needs and preferences.

A protected home is one that is monitored 24/7. This is why Myfox now offers on-demand professional monitoring service. Myfox has partnered with COPS Monitoring, at 37+ years expert in security that provides 24/7 professional monitoring services. COPS Monitoring, based in the United States, has received the best monitoring service award by the CSAA in 2014, and focuses on better home security at an affordable price, so you can be sure that you will be covered no matter what, when you’re not at home.

Home security that won’t carve a hole in your pocket

Home security prices can quickly escalate: many professional monitoring services will set you back $30 or $40 a month. Over the years, this adds up to thousands of dollars. At Myfox, we believe that security should be available to all, not only to the privileged few, which is why 24/7 professional monitoring starts at $9.99 per month. Stretched over a year, that’s $0.33 per day, so you can enjoy the benefits of smart home security without going broke! In addition, with our services, you’ll also be able to save up to 20% on home insurance. Think of it as saving for a safer future.

This way for a complete home security experience

Myfox now offers 24/7 professional monitoring through its partnership with COPS Monitoring, a nationwide best-in-class supplier of security service. COPS Monitoring provides rapid responses (less than 20 seconds response time in 2015) through its dispatcher, continuous monitoring of your home and police dispatch in case of emergency. With over 37 years of experience in security, 6 monitoring centers across the US, and a certification in U.L. and F.M., it’s “safe” to say that you are covered!

The Perfect Pair: Safety & Freedom

When it comes to home security, there is no one-size-fits all. As opposed to other security companies that only offer 12 or 24-month contracts, we understand the need for flexibility. Indeed, different homes come different needs, which is why Myfox offers a variety of flexible options to choose from: no need for a long-term commitment or annual contract. Since the alarm monitoring and emergency dispatch service work as a “monitor-as-you-go” monthly plan, you can subscribe, cancel or reactivate your plan at any time, without incurring termination or reactivation fees or hassles.

So simple

No need to remain on the phone for hours in order to switch plans or make any changes. Thanks to our user-friendly Myfox security app, your security settings are easy to manage: activate or deactivate as you need, and pay only what you use. Your security settings are easy to modify.

 Have you thought about getting 24/7 video monitoring? What sort of video monitoring plan do you think would be best adapted to your needs?

 First showcased at CES 2016, Myfox’s Professional Monitoring Service is now available to all users in the continental U.S. for $9.99/month.

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