Home is where the heart is, but home is also where the most accidents and thefts occur in society. You must always make sure that your home is safe, especially if you have kids or elderly people under your roof. Here are five things that you may not know about home safety.

Plant Thorny Bushes Under All of Your Ground Floor Windows.

Burglars cannot gain access to your windows as an entrance or as an escape route with rose bushes under them. You gain an additional benefit: Rose bushes make your yard look great! Roses are also relatively easy to maintain, so you do not have to be a professional gardener in order to fully implement this deterrent.

Do Not Advertise Your Vacations and Trips.

If you are going on a long vacation, do not tell anyone about it on social media. Those posts do not go away, and there are savvy burglars who troll social media looking for just these kinds of messages. Also, do not load up your car and leave it outside full of suitcases until the day of your trip unless you have a closed garage. Thieves may perform sweeps and view your car as a red light to rob you once you leave. Cancel your newspaper so that you do not have three or four papers piled up on your lawn. This is another dead giveaway that you are not at home.

Make Sure No One Can Hear Your Phone From Outside.

If you still have a landline, then you should turn down the ringer when you go on long trips for the safety of your home. If your ringer and voicemail can be heard outside, then people may be able to tell there is no one at home if the calls continually go to voicemail. You may not believe that there are thieves who are this conniving, but there definitely are.

Do Not Store Large Amounts of Wood by the House.

Big stockpiles of wood can be used as a stepladder to a second story window. Thieves can also use these makeshift wood ladders in order to defeat the beautiful rose bushes that you planted in step one of these tips. Bring your wood inside of your garage or simply place it in a storage room if you are going away for a long time.

Watch for Unlatched Bathroom Windows.

This is especially important if you have yard workers or house staff under your employment. An unscrupulous employee may ask to use the bathroom, only to leave the latch unlocked for later access. Monitor this behavior and do not tolerate it even once. If you see it happen, take note of the person who did it, and ensure they never have access to your windows from the inside again.

There are many different tricks that professional thieves will use to get inside of your house. The tips above will help keep your family and assets safe.

Tips brought to you by Myfox home security alarm. Let us know if you have any questions.

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