The Myfox customer service team is based in our headquarters near Toulouse, France. They are super experienced and ready to deliver top notch support to every query.

The first step to get in touch with customer service is to open a “ticket” by pressing on the “new request” button in the help center. This allows to differentiate the demands, to map them out and treat them efficiently in the briefest delays. If need be, one of the agents will then contact the requestor by phone.

Customer service covers the six languages of the countries where our products are sold. These are also the six languages of our website, our support platform and our mobile apps.

What makes our customer service different?

Listening, supporting and following up are part of our DNA at Myfox. Through our website, social networks and customer service, we make sure to be available on all channels to accompany the users of our security products.

Comprehensive online help

To get help on products and services, the classical first stop is the Myfox website. It offers all the necessary information whenever you want, through numerous visuals and diagrams. The store’s product pages add to this content with all the technical data you might need.

Social networks also quickly come to mind when looking for information. Our Facebook and Twitter accounts allow you to closely follow Myfox news, as well as our vision of the connected home universe. These are also platforms for quick exchange, where you’ll be able to find answers to simple queries.

For more, you can head to our help desk, which offers downloadable notices in PDF format and frequently asked questions, which are continuously enriched.

An easily accessible search engine helps you quickly find subjects related to one of several keywords. You may also navigate lists of topics classified by product line: Home Alarm, Security Camera, Home Control.

An experienced customer service

All the online help documentation may sometimes not be enough, and that’s where the Myfox customer service team can intervene. The agents in the picture

Our customer service champions are single-minded: they aim for your complete satisfaction! Here is our 3-point customer service vision:

  1. We believe that the client comes first: the client is our company’s first concern, we listen to him to improve our products as much as we try to help him use them.
  1. We are your experts: customer service answers your questions but also knows how to fix your problems, no matter how technical they are, ensuring that you’ll never be stuck in a dead end.
  1. We are at your disposal: customer service is available Monday through Saturday, from 9 am to 7pm, by email and telephone.

What do our client think of our support? Bruce and Lynn are two out of thousands of clients with whom we interact every month.
“…customer service was top notch, and I got that they aim for your complete satisfaction!

Next time you call on our customer service, don’t forget our support champions will do everything in their power to make your day even more enjoyable!

Don’t hesitate to tell us in the comments below how we can improve your experience with our online help and our customer service.

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