After a working day, one generally wants to avoid stress and feel good at home. Technology and connected objects bring small and undeniable comforts to your daily routine. Check out our 5 tips to get home feeling safe and sound.

Imagine that it’s nighttime and you’re coming home. You spent too much time in traffic and now you can’t find the key to open your garage, so you need to park outside of your home and feel for your front door because the alleyway’s light is acting out… You get the picture. Let’s now see how to remedy the situation!

1) A motorized gate

Whether you have a motorized gate and/or a garage, an automated opening can be very practical, especially when you can remotely control the opening as soon as your home is in view. What’s more, when it rains, you’ll be glad not to get out to open the gate manually! This is a simple and efficient solution that is increasingly financially accessible.

2) Automatic lighting

With automatic lighting of your alleyway and your front door, no need to find the right switch or hope that your lightbulbs are still functional after being left on for hours for nothing… Simple movement detectors will do, preventing you from tripping and helping you save on your electricity bill! Furthermore, these products are increasingly equipped with solar screens, for even more savings.

3) The connected door lock

A connected lock is just like a regular lock (meaning you can still open it with a key), but with the advantage of hands-free opening thanks to the Bluetooth on your smartphone. Other technologies exist, the more interesting ones being wireless. Generally, the idea is to facilitate your arrival at home, without having to fumble for your keys at the bottom of your bag…

4) Myfox hands-free automatic disarmament

As you might know, automatic disarmament is awesome! How does it work? With the Myfox Home Alarm system, no need to take the Bluetooth badge out of your pocket or your bag to deactivates the alarm. Everything is automatic, thanks to a detection through the security hub upon your approach, up to 50 meters away. Your hands have never been this free before!

5) A holistic experience

Once you’re at home, how lovely would it be to have the rooms lit according to your preferences, with your favorite playlist as background music, while you enjoy your ethanol fireplace? This scenario is possible thanks to IFTTT technology.

It’s pretty simple. All you need are connected objects (wireless speakers, lighting, fireplace, etc), a smartphone and IFTTT recipes. Based on your position (near to home), the different recipes you’ll have set up will activate the different connected equipments. The advantage is of course the extremely advanced level of customization of this type of technology. What’s more, you will have absolutely no doubt when you come home: It is really YOUR home!

If you also have tips to share with us, don’t hesitate to write them in the comments!


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