If you own a smartphone and have a MyFox Home Security Alarm and Security Camera, you may know about our app MyFox Security. But how well do you know it? Here are some features you may not be aware of:

The MyFox Security app allows you to install and control your equipment directly From your smartphone. You can watch the video stream from your cameras or check out the event history, all from the palm of your hand.

Powerful zoom

A detail caught your focus in the living room? Zoom up to 4x directly From your app to see it closer, thanks to your Security Camera. And, with Magic Zoom, you can freeze the zoomed-in picture quality and it will be improved automatically. No detail will elude you!


WIFI network adaptability

Change the wireless network Where the Link or the Security Camera are connected, with a tap of your finger. All you-have to do is follow the instructions on your smartphone to switch network. So easy!
Check out the iOS or Android versions.



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