Today, let’s talk about what you can do to protect your home, keep burglars away and sleep soundly. Remember that time when your marbles were stolen at school? Or when you lost that package in the mail? These are unpleasant moments you don’t want to go through again. Fortunately there are a few ways to protect your home, which we’ll describe here.

  1. Watch your keys

If you have just moved into your home, make sure you change all your locks! This is also important in case you lose your keys. Speaking of keys, lock up even when you’re inside your home, and don’t leave your keys in evidence (inside the lock of a glass door, for instance).

  1. Simply secure the front door

Equip yourself with visual means of control (such as a peephole, camera, etc), as well as a locking device. It’s not very expensive and it can be very practical!

  1. The best warning is early warning!

You can equip the different entries with equipment that’s more sophisticated such as motorized shutters with centralized locking, or external lighting that turns on via an integrated movement detector. Potential burglars will not go unnoticed at night!

  1. Identify your valuables

Another good habit is to photograph your valuable possessions (which you need to keep in a safe place). In case of theft, this will help find them and facilitate obtaining compensation from your insurer. Likewise, write down serial numbers, references and anything that might help identify these objects. Of course, also keep their paper or scanned invoices. You can keep .pdf files in Dropbox or elsewhere in the Cloud.

  1. Detection BEFORE intrusion

The Myfox solution will bring you security and peace of mind by detecting intrusions BEFORE their happen.

How does it work? With our IntelliTAG placed on your front door, you will be able to detect when an individual is in the middle of attacking your door lock. The IntelliTAG can tell the difference between a gust of wind and a real attempt at forcing an entry, and will ring the siren of your Home Alarm immediately. This will make the intruder flee before he has the time to enter your home (and access your valuables!).

For further reading, see this article and read about how detection before intrusion works in detail. We also explain exactly the steps to follow in this article to correctly configure the siren in case of intrusion.

Tell us in the comments below which of these habits you’ve adopted and which measures you’ve taken to protect your home!

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  1. Photographing valuables is actually a really smart move. You could just take them with your phone and keep them backed up on your computer or Google Drive. Thanks for sharing the tips!

  2. I like your tip to make the front door secure. I’ve heard that most burglars won’t bother if they can’t get in the main door. There are also security doors that I have seen that are reinforced against break ins.

  3. Home safety and security matters a lot, it helps to improve the home condition and also reduce the fear of theft. Therefore, we should take preventive steps to deal with such issues. Therefore in different countries, people are hiring security persons to protect their home from theft, apart from we should also take the help of home security products to protect our home from theft issues. Thanks for such a wonderful article.

  4. I like the idea of motion detection lighting or motorized shutters to help alert the house of burglars. My husband and I just moved to a new area, and we’re concerned about our home’s security. It might be a good idea to look into getting security shutters for our windows so we feel safer at night.

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