Everyone certainly has a responsibility for his or her own home; however, there are actions that a community can take as a whole to protect the entire neighborhood. Here are five tips for community safety that will help to protect every home in a neighborhood brought to you by Myfox home security.

Forming a Community Watch Group

The essence of any community protection program is a community patrol. Feet on the street is the number one deterrent to crime as well as the safest form of prevention. Criminals prefer easy targets. Forming a community watch group that is successful is contingent upon navigating the schedules of core members and ensuring everyone is properly trained, both physically and legally. Police will often help in training events. Ask your local precinct what courses they may offer your community watch group. One of the ways that Myfox can help with a community watch group is through the Myfox app. You can add your family and friends to your Myfox home security system to be alerted when there is an intrusion through email. They can access your camera and see what is happening in your home for up to 30 minutes.

Neighborhood Associations

A neighborhood association is a great way to make the rules of watch groups or other neighborhood groups official. The association, sometimes known as an HOA, usually takes a fee from each homeowner to put towards the group financing of protection operations. For instance, if an HOA formed a community watch group, the funds might be used to hire an off-duty police officer to train community watch members. The neighborhood association funds may also be used for community improvement features such as better surveillance equipment in community areas.

Knowing Basic Information About Your Neighbors

If you know who your neighbors are, then you will be much better prepared to notice and report suspicious activity around your neighborhood. Any police officer will tell you that time is of the essence when it comes to stopping any potential crime, and the few seconds that you save identifying friend from foe can save a life. Meet your neighbors. Memorize their faces and put faces to names. Understand the basics about their work schedules and recreational habits. Although you do not have to create a formal agreement, neighbors will sometimes watch each other’s backs if one or the other neighbor’s schedule takes him out of town.

Routine Meetings in the Neighborhood

No matter what kind of organization your neighborhood forms, it must meet on a regular basis. If it does not, then attention will wane and people will lose interest in the community focus. People will also forget their neighbors and be less likely to identify an intruder quickly. Set a specific time for a routine meeting of neighborhood security leaders. Make sure that it is at least once a month.

Creating Trust Between Neighbors in the Community

Trust is the feature that makes all of the other tips on this page work. If you do not trust the people that you live around, then you cannot hope to have the morale to help protect them. Trust is not built in a formal way, although it can be solidified formally. Trust comes from friendly actions and community events. Softball games, community art shows or farmers’ markets are the types of events to trust-build.

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