Get ready for yet another exciting feature from the Myfox Home Alarm app! You can now set the siren to go off immediately. Here are some tips and details on how to best use it.

As you know, when an IntelliTAG detects any attempt at intrusion. It communicates this event to the Link, and initiates the alert procedure:

  • The siren plays a pre-alarm tune during 15 seconds (impact followed by an opening or not), or 30 seconds (opening without an impact)
  • This pre-alarm allows the Link to find your badge in the immediate surroundings, and as such automatically disarm the system
  • If no badge is detected, then you’re probably not the one who manipulated the front door: the 100dB siren goes off after 15 or 30 seconds.

Delay settings

You can now access a new option in each IntelliTAG’s settings called “Instant alarm”:

  • deactivated – same operation as usual, with a 15 or 30 seconds-delay
  • activated – as soon as the IntelliTAG senses an impact or an opening, the 110dB siren goes off immediately.

Advice for use

The first step is to activate the immediate alarm on all the IntelliTAG protecting entries you do not usually use to come home, such as windows, for example.

Then, decide whether you’ll keep the 15/30 seconds pre-alarm, of you’d also like the immediate alarm on the front door:

  • If your badge is recognized through the front door, then you can set the front door’s IntelliTAG as an immediate alarm
  • If your badge is only recognized once the front door is open (and you hear the pre-alarm tune every day), it’s probably better to keep the pre-alarm on this IntelliTAG, to give time to the Link to find your badge once the door is open
  • If you are in this situation and would still prefer to have the immediate alarm instead of the pre-alarm, you’ll need to bring the Link closer to your front door to enable badge detection through it

Note that once the siren is triggered, the Link no longer looks for the badge: automatic disarmament is deactivated.

We hope this feature will bring you satisfaction and we remain at your disposal for any question!  

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  1. What if I am in bed, badge on my keys, also in the home. The alarm is triggered , finds badge and deactivated alarm ?! What’s the ping if having the alarm ? Or the fob if it just deactivated it.
    Also same for the motion sensor. These have no option for immediate trigger. Giving intruder time to get upstairs !
    These are big issues for me.

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