Protecting your home fully means protecting your garage, especially since burglars know that many people overlook about this part of the house that may contain long lost forgotten gems and heirlooms. Here are some top tips for preventing thieves from ransacking your garage right under your nose.

Keeping the Garage Door Closed

You may allow the lull of a quiet evening to fool you into thinking that no one is watching your garage door. Many thieves make sweeps of neighborhoods looking for exactly this signal. They patrol and move in counting on your lethargy, and they usually get away without a trace. Always keep your garage door closed whether you are home or not, whether it is quiet or not and no matter what time of year it may be.

Investing in a Timer with a Security Camera

No matter what, you may simply be the type who forgets to do things like close a garage door. Invest in a timer along with a security camera so that both items can help close and monitor your garage door for you and then feel free to forget.  

Reinforced Locks

Thieves look for moldy garage doors that may be defeated with a crowbar because of their deterioration. Keep them from using this strategy by reinforcing your lock in a cost effective way. A metal lock reinforcer will hardly put a hole in your wallet. Make sure that you cultivate a slight recess so that your metal is as close to the original wood as it can be.

Bar Your Windows

If you have windows in your garage, you may consider tinting them so that they do not allow sight from the outside. One of the worst things that you can do is allow a potential thief to case your inventory. If they can see what you have or they know when you are home, then you become a target.

The Deterrent of Motion Lights

Combined with the blind windows strategy above, motion lights act as a huge deterrent for potential thieves. The lights keep thieves from completely timing your schedule. If they cannot verify that your motion lights are automatic because they cannot see inside, you gain the advantage of a fortified check on their intel.

Unplugging the Garage Door Opener

Some of the more technically inclined thieves have the equivalent as a “skeleton key” for a garage opener. They basically have the ability to open garage doors that are based on certain electrical signals, especially older systems that have not been upgraded to resist this technology. If you do not have the money to upgrade your garage door opener system, simply disable it when you leave your home for extended periods of time.

DIY Deterrent: Homemade Window Bars

You can invest in factory made window bars; however, a handy individual can build this deterrent for a fraction of the cost at home. Take several measures of half inch steel pipe and space them anywhere from six to eight inches across windows. Nail them in with tees, washers and lag screws.


  1. As someone who has an admittedly bad habit of leaving the garage door open when they’re at home, this has made me totally rethink that. It would be so easy for someone to get into my garage that way. Thank you for these tips, especially the DIY one! I’ll have to try it out.

  2. You may allow the lull of a quiet evening to fool you into thinking that no one is watching your garage door.

  3. Amazing Tips! These tips are good for protecting your garage and preventing robbery. eGarage Systems installs good quality doors for the garages which are difficult to break in and they are also a well known name in the garage door and repairs industry.

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