With the patented technology and award-winning, IntelliTag technology, MyFox is the only safety system that prevents intrusions BEFORE they occur.

A Truly Intelligent Tag

In a survey of our customers in 2013, only 4.5% reported a home intrusion, under the protection of the MyFox security system. Of these 4.5%, 79% of them reported that their doors or windows were not open and that the intruder was gone before they could cause any damage. Coincidence? Not really: For the remaining 21%, the intruder went through an unprotected opening and the burglar was undetected.

Unlike other more conventional security systems that trigger an alarm during a break-in through the contact between a door and a sensor, or with a motion detector, MyFox’s IntelliTag detects an intrusion before it happens, by identifying the attack while the intruder is still outside and deterring the intrusion.

How does it work?

It took ten years of development for MyFox teams to develop the technology and power of the IntelliTag and identify events corresponding to an intrusion to create the appropriate response.

The system is enabled through vibration analysis, movements and position changes on a door, as well as recognizing patterns. The IntelliTag is therefore able to tell the difference between a daily life event (a ball that taps on the door, someone knocking, or strong winds, for example), and a real threat.


Hinges being forced apart, an attack with an object or a cutout in the door will be recognized by the IntelliTag algorithm and trigger the alarm.

Because the MyFox home security system can tell the difference between these types of events, the security system can continue monitoring your home without interruption.
With its simple and fast installation (within seconds and without nails or screws), the IntelliTag is a mini camera that will do the most! What’s your experience with it?

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