Your ski goggles are packed, your hotel is booked, and your flight departs next week. You’ve thought of every detail for your trip, but what about your home while you’re away? The last thing you need while relaxing in the ski chalet is to be alerted to a break-in back home. Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to ensure that your house remains safe while you enjoy your dream ski vacation.

Ask Friends and Family Members For Help

Try your best to convince a loved one to stay at your home for the duration of your trip. A physical presence in your house will greatly decrease the likelihood of break-ins. Chances are, nobody will be able to spend an entire week house-sitting, so, if need be, shift your request to a drop-in every other day. The person asked to stop by your home should pick up any flyers or newspapers laying on your driveway and check for signs of intruders.

Make Your House Look Normal

Do not change up your home’s appearance immediately prior to your departure. Even small changes such as closing blinds that are normally left open can easily be detected by would-be burglars. Leaving lights on all at hours is also best avoided, as a lit-up house at 3 am looks suspicious.

Ditch the Spare Key

Nothing shouts spare key like a fake rock. Even if you’ve discovered a seemingly clever place to stow that spare key, it’s bound to eventually be uncovered by a crafty criminal. Instead of hiding a key near your home, give it to somebody you trust for safekeeping.

Turn Off the Garage Door

Can your garage door be opened and closed with a universal remote? If the answer to this question is yes, what’s going to stop a potential burglar from using a universal remote to get into your house while you’re away? Unplug all devices that could potentially be a safety risk, including your garage door. You may also want to consider installing a heavy-duty sidebar lock, as burglars can still find numerous ways to get in through your garage door when the power is turned off.

Hold the Mail

As devastating as a break-in can be, strangers tampering in your mail may be worse, as accumulated documents in your mailbox could ultimately lead to identity theft. The United States Postal Service will hold your mail between three and thirty days, so do not hesitate to take advantage of this free service.

Install a Security System

If you truly want peace of mind while you’re away, have a security system installed. This system may involve everything from a motion detector to a surveillance camera. These devices can help you keep an eye on your house from a distance, and, in the event of a break-in, they will alert both you and the appropriate authorities.
Safety at home is just as important as safety on the slopes. Make all necessary safety precautions well before you depart so that you can enjoy your vacation free of fear.

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  1. I don’t know hot to skii but I would like to know how. Im searching for blogs that would help me learn. thank you

  2. I don’t know hot to skii but I would like to know how. I’m searching for blogs that would help me learn. I often watch the tv for skiing activities and now I would like to know what people do in their free time this is really good. I love it

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