Webcams, security cameras, smartphones … cameras are everywhere today, especially at home. Have you ever been reluctant to use a webcam because you feared others would gain access to your feed? Fortunately, you no longer need to worry about sacrificing your privacy. When I need to create an account on any service, I am often tempted to make up a simple and easy-to-remember password to avoid forgetting it, such as “12345”? “Password” Or “qwerty”.

The video on the front line

But when it comes to privacy, particularly with video security, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.Unfortunately, sites listing free access to webcams (often due to a weak password, if any) are multiplying.


One of the most important precautions to protect yourself is a strong password, but that is not always enough.

A component that separates them from the rest

I often wonder in the back of my mind, “if the light is off, does it mean for sure that the webcam is turned off?”


With the MyFox Security Camera, this doubt was quickly banished: the automatic shutter closing when I got home made all the difference. Outside, I knew through the MyFox app that my camera worked well, and at home, I could see for myself that the component was securely closed.

Camera (1)

When passwords and all safety measures are no longer sufficient, this little shut off component reassures me. As if to say “Hey, relax, I will close my eyes when you’re there!”
How about you? Do you also sometimes feel like your camera is staring at you?

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  1. A security camera like that could be something for me to maybe install for my uncle. Now that she’s alone. it would make a good camera to for her to have. I’m guessing that she’ll like the features that it has.

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