Disarming the alarm. If you’re anything like me, just hearing this sentence may give you cold sweats. Imagine running to the keyboard, trying to remember the code, entering it without triggering the siren before time runs out or risk waking up the whole neighborhood… Thankfully, with MyFox, disarming your home alarm is stress-free, automatic, and hands-free. Phew!

Most home alarm systems today require you to go through a series of steps to disarm them when you get home.

1. The keypad/remote option

Ready? Sprint! You run to the keypad and hurry up to enter in the code. Or, you use the remote (which you’ve got to fish out from the bottom of your purse, of course!)

2. The geolocation option

Nowadays, several alarm systems use geolocation via your smartphone, also known as “geofence”. While it’s a good idea, GPS can sometimes act up and lack accuracy, particularly if your have low batteries on your smartphones or…the sky is overcast!

The result? 41% of users do not arm their system because they worry that they may fail to disarm the alarm in time and trigger the sirens.

Go Hands Free!

The simplest way? Hands free! Thanks to the MyFox hands-free badge, you can come home stress-free or without worrying about battery life on your phone. Just attach it to your home keys or car keys, and you’re all set!


The Bluetooth technology that connects your badge to your Home Alarm provides automatic recognition and disarms your alarm as soon as you get close to your front door (within 50 meters). No alarm activated unnecessarily, and neighbors continue to sleep peacefully (!).

The best technology, the one we believe in at MyFox, is the one that adapts seamlessly to your needs, without disrupting your daily routines.


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  1. The automatic deactivation with the badge simply does not work in my case. I have a system including a security camera and the bridge installed at no more than 5 meters from the front door. Every single time when I forgot to deactivate the alarm by pressing the button on the badge or through the app, the alarm has gone off.
    Any explanation or suggestions?
    Another problem is both the Bridge and Camera dropping WiFi connection from time to time.

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